Copier Angel Soft Launching May 2019

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TG Solutions in support of our client - Copier angel with their Penang's Soft launching events! Congratulation to SOS Copier Sdn Bhd & Copier Angel Apps.
Masterminded by Founder Mr. YC Lee & Co-Founder Mr. Evan Teon, Copier Angel provides a platform mainly to bring convenience to copier business owner and to built a healthy ecosystem that will bring advantages to all.
Developed & Powered by TG Solutions
Copier Angel is Fully equipped with a Cloud Powered System, packed with both Android & IOS Apps.
Copier Angel tackles users daily routine conundrum, patching walkway towards professionalism. The application skillfully manages call log, grants visibility to caller ID and time of call, combines required information for users in one-click. can now manage their routine effortlessly and precisely with the aid of Copier Angel without needing to fuss over non essential mistakes.