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Benefits of E-commerce for small business

3 Jul 09:01 AM

Benefits of E-commerce for small business

9 benefits of e-commerce for small business

RUNNING an e-commerce website is no longer a luxury or the domain of big business.
Small businesses need a website just to compete in today’s market and the rise of readily available information and technology online makes it easier than ever to construct your own.
Ecommerce simply means doing business on the internet. According to various sources, ecommerce sales are growing year on year by 10 to 19 per cent.
Some reports show more than 80 per cent of shoppers have bought a product online. And it is well-known that shoppers buy more when shopping online than in a traditional retail store.
While setting up an ecommerce site may seem overwhelming, it can give you an edge when compared to just having straight bricks-and- mortar shopfront.
Thanks to an array of platforms available to small business you no longer need programming skills, be computer savvy or hire an expensive expert to assist you to build an ecommerce-ready site.

The benefits of ecommerce:

There are many advantages of doing business online. Here are a few:
1. Track your customers. 
Using the free tools provided by Google Analytics you can see where your customers are coming from, where they are clicking on your website and how long they stay on your site. This allows you to target your audience more effectively with advertising and promotions.
2. Lower costs. 
Bricks-and-mortar shopfronts cost a fortune in rent, utilities, staff and more. E-commerce is far cheaper by comparison and leaves you more budget for targeted advertising.
3. Change it up. 
Unlike a fixed shopfront, if you want to change your website’s landing page, images and offerings, you can, quickly.
4. Easy inventory. 
Selling online means you can track your inventory easily and see what is being purchased, by whom and when. Likewise, selling online means you can greatly expand your offerings and branch out into new and exciting areas.
5. Communicate with customers. 
A website provides your customers with direct access to you, building important relationships to ensure repeat business and word-of-mouth sales.
6. Expand your business. 
You are no longer limited to local foot traffic. Now you can sell globally and attract new customers.
7. Larger orders. 
Statistics show people who buy online end up buying more than just one item. Why not consider bundling items on your site for easy sales?
8. Track advertising. 
Using Google Analytics you can track which ads are driving customers to your site and which ones are not working.
9. Always open. 
You will never close, as your website is open for business 24/7.


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