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TG Solutions Featured

22 Jun 10:01 AM

TG Solutions Featured

USAINS HOLDING Interactive Site

TG Solutions Presents:

USAINS HOLDING Full Responsive Interactive Site

Developed with FULL HTML5, PHP, CSS, JQUERY

With Extreme Flexibility to Upgrade & Amend to Future Business Needs

Full Dynamic Content Control Website with:

  • Facilities Booking Engine
  • Course Signup & Registration Engine
  • Dynamic Blogging Features
  • Dynamic Job Application Features


Facilities Booking Engine

Visitor can Visit, Choose & Select the Facilities Suit to their Needs and Book them Directly Online

Course Signup & Registration Engine

Interested Applicants can now View, Choose & Directly Register their Desired Course on the Site


Dynamic Blogging Features

News & Events can be Controlled with Ease for New Posting, Update & Editing & Content Control


Dynamic Job Application Features

Database Controlled Dynamic Job Application System to enable Interested Applicants to directly Apply for the Job.


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